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Founder of Birley Fitness

As an adolescent I realized playing high levels sports or be comfortable in my own skin would never be achievable if I didn’t start a fitness regimen. I went through fazes of working out to stopping, trying different fad diets, then gaining weight back. I lost motivation. I realized that there was a need for people who needed a coach, so I decided to become one.

I started Birley Fitness in 2017 with the goal of providing people with science and coaching tools from the top experts in the industry. We’ve since grown into one of the top trusted sources in Victoria, B.C. for coaching 9-5 workers and athletes. We have integrated the world’s best education platforms into a holistic coaching program, with free blog articles, e-books, and free video education online.

It’s all designed by an athlete and everyday worker, for athletes and everyday workers, to help you create a bigger impact in your performance and wellness.

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